About Us

TorontoRecreationGuide.com is a website designed to help people learn about Toronto. TFG (Toronto Fun Guide) strives to help tourists make the best of their visit (and come back!) to the glamorous city of Toronto. TFG will ensure that every single visitor will feel welcome and as part of our world-wide tourism journey. ¬†As the founder of TFG, i’d like to introduce myself as Vitaliy Tatarnykov, an online entrepreneur, Canadian immigrant, and tourist.

Why did I take the time to make this project?


The answer is simple. When I first immigrated to Canada and decided to move to Toronto, I was shocked by the lack of quality guides to the city. Since I am a tourist and always travelling the world, finding a great, polished, tourist guide can be a life-saver.

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A picture of me chilling by the beach