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Whether you don’t want to put a lot of miles on your family car or are flying and need transportation when you arrive, renting a car makes sense. With a car, your Toronto travel experience will be exceptionally more vivid.Since daily rental costs vary wildly based on the rental company, location and season of the year, rental rates didn’t factor into the picks. We advise shopping around among rental companies parted up with TorontoFunGuide for the best deal. Each pick, though, received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest crash-test score of “good” in crash tests. Comfort is a key requirement for any vacation vehicle. Each of these picks earned a rating of “good” or better from qualified testers for ride quality and interior noise, as well as front-seat and rear-seat comfort. As we promise, having the cheapest prices is our main priority. Be sure to book now to reserve yourself a car before its too late!

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Additionally, TorontoFunGuide considered fuel economy as estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All provide very good mileage for their size. The EPA-estimated that miles per gallon are based on models with automatic transmissions. Rental car companies have their own methods for defining compact, midsize or large. Sometimes, this involves making customers think they are getting more car than they are. TorontoGuide issued EPA classifications. We have also included at least one rental company offering each car.


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