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The Toronto Raptors:

The Toronto Raptors are one of the most unique teams to feature in the NBA. After all, the Raptors who were formed in 1995 are the only Canadian team to feature in the NBA. The NBA used to feature two Canadian teams, the second of which was the Vancouver Grizzlies. However in 2001, the Grizzlies were located to Memphis, Tennessee leaving the Raptors as the lone Canadian team in the NBA. Click here to learn more about the Toronto Raptors.

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The Toronto Blue Jays:

With the luxury of the Roger’s Centre, watching a Blue Jays game is perfect for a day off. Featuring premium seating along with snacks, how could you go wrong? The Blue Jays are on their way to becoming a world-champion team after pulling a sweat with their previous seasons. As they say: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Don’t miss your chance and click here to find out more about the incredible Toronto Blue Jays.


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The Toronto Maple Leafs

It goes without saying that you don’t become the most valuable ice hockey team in the NHL without blood, sweat, tears, and years of professional and entertaining ice hockey. The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey club, popularly known as Toronto Maple leafs, has all of the above under their belt and crowns it by being one of the original six league members. With countless hours of training, the Toronto Maple Leafs are ready for their most aggressive season yet. Click here to lean more about Canada’s most respectable hockey team.