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The Magnificent Blue Jays: A New Division


In the country, it is common for any family to find time to bond with each other. Usually, the family goes picnicking in the park, fishing in the river, or watching baseball games. When it comes to Baseball, every family is surely a fan of a popular team. One of these teams is the Toronto Blue Jays.
The team is composed of professional baseball players and is located in Toronto, Ontario. The Blue Jays are member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s American League. The name “Blue Jay” originated from the bird that has the same name. In addition, blue is the traditional colour of Toronto and its other professional teams. That is why the professional baseball team agreed to have Toronto Blue Jays as their official name. Die-hard fans usually purchase Blue Jays tickets weeks before the date of any game. Other fans should also do that. Why? So that they can enjoy numerous benefits which make their baseball game experience more entertaining.

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Here are the reasons for purchasing tickets ahead of time:

* Holders of season tickets have the opportunity to have an exclusive meet and greet with the senior members of the team. This is a good venue to asked questions about the direction and overall philosophy of the organization.

* Another advantage is the season ticket holder appreciation event. This function gives holders the privilege to attend a post-game event on the field that is usually held at the Rogers Centre. During a post-game event, season ticket holders have the chance to interact with fellow holders and of course with the players. This is a huge opportunity for die-hard fans to get to know more about their favourite team players. You can have photos with them and you can also get autographs. Included in this benefit are beverages, food, and fun and interactive activities on the field. Moreover, you can have the chance to win a Toronto Blue Jays memorabilia. All these perks are possible if you buy Toronto Blue Jays tickets.

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* Ticket holders can also take advantage of the exclusive fan forums. With this perk, fans can enjoy the live interactive conference call with the senior Blue Jays management. This is a great opportunity to ask and have knowledge about the current roster, direction of the team, future prospects or anything that you want to know them.

* Fans with season tickets can also watch the pregame batting practice. With this perk, you have the chance to enter the stadium even if the game is not yet scheduled to start. You have the edge over other fans as you can watch your favourite team in their practice while the general public is still waiting outside the gate.

It is very clear that purchasing Toronto Blue Jays season tickets is advantageous particularly for the die-hard fans. So, don’t waste your time. Purchase a season ticket now and enjoy the benefits mentioned above. While there are some questions to be answered, like the closer situation, the Blue Jays give fans hope.


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