Leafs are Rejuvenated and Ready to Win their Next Title!


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Why You Should Be Looking Forward to a Year of Exciting Ice Hockey

It goes without saying that you don’t become the most valuable ice hockey team in the NHL without blood, sweat, tears, and years of professional and entertaining ice hockey. The Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey club, popularly known as Toronto Maple leafs, has all of the above under their belt and crowns it by being one of the original six league members.

After a dreadful past, the team looks rejuvenated under Coach Mike Babcock. Not many people were pleased with the overhaul that saw most of the clubs staff leave but everybody knew that a fresh start was needed after a disastrous decade. It looks like it paid off, what could showcase it more than defeating your archrivals on the first day into the New Year?

Since his drafting a year ago, Austin Matthews has been quite the revelation for the club. He scored the winning goal in extra time against the Toronto Maple Leafs fierce rivals Detroit Red Wings in the Continental Ice Hockey competition. The rookie was also part of the hockey players that graced the 2017 NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles and was met with a warm reception.

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Other players are also playing equally as good and this has helped Toronto Maple Leafs amass 55 points, 10 behind the Atlantic division leaders and famous rivals Montreal Canadiens. The team is among –if not- the most exciting to watch and despite the 15 games lost this season, there always are chances in a Toronto game and you are sure to stay on the edge of your seat whenever they are playing.

The team has won 23 games and looks set to return to the top and give their fans some banter for their opponents to back up the title of the most entertaining team in the competition. A chance to see this team in action is as affordable with tickets ranging from as low as $6. In addition, you can not only purchase single game tickets but multiple game tickets too.

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So why should you buy Toronto Maple Leafs tickets?


How about the most obvious reason? An Entertainment of a lifetime. The main reason most sports fanatics attend games is the thrill that comes with a dribble past an opponent, scores, and match-winning goals. The feeling is even better and the stadium louder if that goal comes in the dying minutes of the game.

After a good play, Matthews was mobbed by his teammates following his match-winning goal versus their rivals. As much as the staff and players could not hide their jubilation, the fans couldn’t either and those that missed that game missed a chance to witness that piece of magic.

Other than world-class exciting play, getting tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game should be easy because they are affordable. It is understandable that ticket prices vary in the NHL, but isn’t that the case in most sports? Some games might demand higher ticket prices; but in most instances, those are the games that prove to be entertaining and thrilling.
If you ask me, that is good value for money – considering the level of play they have showcased recently. And if they continue in the same tandem, very soon tickets to the next game will be sold out before the previous game even ends.

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