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Here are the Top 5 Tourist attractions in Toronto


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#1 CN Tower
301 Front Street, Toronto

One of the most celebrated and defining landmarks of Toronto, the CN Tower stands tall at 553 meters. With a remarkable legacy as one of the top tourist destinations of the world, the CN Tower has earned a reputation for serving a hub for telecommunications all across the city. The National Landmark of Toronto wears many hats as an engineering marvel, an internationally acclaimed destination, as well as a symbol of achievement that promises some of the most awe-inspiring experiences available all across Canada, Ontario and Toronto. Visitors can walk across the glass floors located 113 stories above the ground to test their courage. The one-of-its-kind glass floor helps you experience the thrilling feel of literally walking on the air, with just a few inches of glass holding you 340 meters from the ground. Thankfully, the glass floor is a lot stronger than commercial floors, and apparently has the strength to support the weight of 15 hippos! And for those who wish to quench their adrenaline rush, they can travel higher up to the Sky Pod, which is an extra 33 storeys above ground. The tower hosts numerous dining features, with its revolving 360 Restaurant that offers a prize-winning wine menu, multi-cuisine dishes, as well as magnificent and frame-worthy views of the sunset. And for those who are not that crazy about heights, there is a Far Coast Cafe, a fully licensed market cafe that offers an interesting assortment of global foods. There is also a 10,000 square feet marketplace at the base of the tower that sells exquisite Canadian souvenirs dating back to the bygone era of history. Then there is the EdgeWalk, the latest addition to the tower, and the world’s highest hands-free, full-circle walk that offers breathtaking views of the city life below. So whether you are a crazy daredevil, a die-hard shopaholic or a self-confessed foodie, the CN Tower has you covered!

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#2 Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park, Toronto

Referred to as ROM by the locals, the Royal Ontario Museum is one of the premier museums of Canada with a global reputation for excellence. It is home to a vast collection of world’s cultures and natural history that make it one of the most comprehensive museums of its kind in North America. Main highlights of the museum include skeletons of Allosaur Dinosaurs, an Acropolis structure in Athens, as well as the heavily embellished Egyptian sarcophagus of Djedmaatesankh mummy dating back to 850 BC. A prominent Chinese treasure of the place is an exquisite tomb belonging to the Ming dynasty. The museum house two distinct wings- the Natural History galleries that provide interactive displays on birds, reptiles, bats and other animal communities, and the World Cultures Department that showcase artifacts and modern exhibits from all across the globe, including Egypt, Rome, Europe, Greece and the Far East. Guests are also treated to spectacular views of European arts and crafts, historic textiles, Chinese sculpture, as well as items from the indigenous people of Canada. A recent expansion of the museum saw the addition of a modern wing featuring sharp, crystal angles and articulate surfaces to the traditional older building.

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#3 Rogers Centre
1 Blue Jays, Toronto

Formerly known as SkyDome, Rogers Center is a multi-purpose, dynamic and versatile entertainment center located immediately nearby to the CN Tower. This massive sports arena flaunts a unique design, with a quaintly shaped roof that slides back and forth, allowing it to be opened at will in favourable weather. No other venue hosts the diversity of events that the Rogers Center does on an annual basis. Since its spectacular inauguration on 3rd June, 1989, this mega-structure has attained the highest honoursĀ in the entertainment industry, as has been deemed as a leading facility in environmental responsibility. With a seating capacity of over 50,000, this massive stadium facility is Toronto’s answer to the flamboyant Olympic Stadium of Montreal, its arch rival. Rogers Centre’s versatility enables it to accommodate a diverse variety of events, including sports like baseball and football, trade shows, family shows, conventions, as well as rock concerts, Visitors can also engage in one-hour guided tours to take a bird’s-eye view of the facility. Rogers Centre houses an impressive, cutting-edge technology including ribbon and video boards, complete with LED displays that is capable of projecting up to 4.5 trillion colour.

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#4 Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are a small chain of islands located in Lake Ontario, Canada. Deemed as the largest car-free community in North America, these scenic islands offer a refreshing escape from the populous environment of downtown Toronto. With surreal views of Lake Ontario, and city skyline, the islands are touted as a popular recreational destination with endless opportunities for pleasure and entertainment. Visitors can make use of sports facilities, bike and boat rentals to take a full stroll of the place. Major attractions include verdant beaches and long trails. The area is an ideal place to bask in the sun and surf, and seek respite from the humdrum of the rest of the city. The islands house the Gibraltar Point lighthouse, which is the oldest stone structure and has practically watched the history of Toronto unfold. Another prominent attraction is the Franklin Children’s Garden, an interactive recreational area with umpteen opportunities to help children discover the marvels of the natural world. The nearby Centreville Amusement Park, with 30 acres of parkland, 30 rides, and more than 14 food outlets, it is a hit with children and adults alike.

#5 Casa Loma
1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

Standing on immaculately kept grounds, Casa Loma is a grand, Gothic Revival style mansion in midtown Toronto that is both a museum and a landmark. Complete with 98 rooms, modernly refurbished suites, discreet tunnels, impeccable estate gardens, stately towers, and luxurious stables, this extraordinary building was originally constructed by Sir Henry Pellat, a Canadian multi-millionaire from the past century. Reminiscent of a refined medieval castle, Casa Loma stands today as a preeminent castle of Canada, showcasing Gothic Revival elements, as well as exquisitely done up interiors that take you back to a period of European splendor. This iconic, hilltop castle located at the heart of Ontario is the perfect place to take serene views of the sunset, sea and town below. Visitors can also take an in-depth look into diverse artifacts dating back to different periods of history.

However diverse they may be, the one feature common to Toronto tourist attractions is that there is something for each and everyone. Whether you are an adventurer with an innate craving for outdoor spots, or a music-lover with a desire to attend rock and pop concerts, there are plenty of reasons to explore Canada’s cultural quarter!


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